• 'The Collegiate community was very supportive, and it gave me a true sense of belonging and connectedness. All of the teachers – but one in particular – really believed in me, which encouraged me to believe in myself. To today's students I would say, always keep an open mind and believe in yourself.'

    Deb Williamson

    Educator, Director of EDGE

  • 'I learned so much at Collegiate: self-discipline, how to fit as much in a day as I can, appreciate people for who they are, and be passionate about whatever one does. My teachers all impressed and inspired me. I would say to today's students: be involved, take advantage of every opportunity.'

    Eve Mure

    Australian National Rowing Champion 2009

  • 'My teachers helped me be the best I could be. They gave me the confidence to be a leader, to give everything a try. I can't put it better than Christopher Robin to Pooh: "Promise me you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."'

    Alison Watkins

    Chief Executive Officer, GrainCorp Limited
    Non-Executive Director, ANZ Banking Group Limited

  • 'The education I received at Collegiate was one of variety, intensity and depth. It was a fantastic foundation of skills and knowledge that I now draw on every day. I learned to work hard – very hard – over and above my natural abilities, and to try everything. Then I could work out what I was best at.'

    Mel Irons

    School of Psychology UTAS (PhD candidate)
    Small business owner – 'Booty'
    Fitness Australia PT Business of the Year 2008 to 2011